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refers's Journal

refers is the name & congas are our game
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This is a community for referral-congas (such as for iPods, digital cameras, etc.)
and for people to tell eachother about websites which offer free items.

How a conga-line works: You might be wondering how these things work, right? Well, the conga is started with someone's
referral link to a website which offers free things (ie. www.freeipods.com, and any other website you want to do). On these sites,
you sign up yourself, complete an offer (some can be free-trials, but usually require a credit card, you can, however, cancel once the
free-trials are over, so you don't get charged anything), and then have a certain amount of people sign up and complete an offer under
your referal link. It's usually pretty hard to find people who will do this. So to make it easier, we have conga-lines. Once the first person
who has their link up is completed, the first person who completed an offer for them will be moved up on the chain. So on.

For sites such as BLINGO.com:...where it's based on activity, you'll have a chance at 3 referrals under your made account/posted invitation link, and after your 3 spots has been fulfilled, the next invite link will be rotated/posted.

1. If there is already a conga-line set up for the website that you're trying to get something from,
you must join the conga. No new conga's will be started for the same site.
2. If the site that you're trying to get something from does not have a conga line on here yet, you may start one.
3. Help everyone out, everyone wants free things!




If you see a site that has not yet have been "congoed"/started in the community, feel free to start and post with your invitation link! The mods will then make a post for congos for that particular site. (It's the best way to have a chance at getting the best guarantee your's will be fulfilled.)

http://ps3s.freepay.com - PS3
http://giftcards.freepay.com -Giftcards
http://laptops.freepay.com -Laptop
http://ipodnanos.freepay.com -iPod nano
http://flatscreens.freepay.com -Flatscreen
http://gamingsystems.freepay.com -Gaming Systems
http://handbags.freepay.com -Designer Handbags
http://premiumipods.freepay.com -Premium iPod
http://pcs.freepay.com -Desktop PC
http://macminis.freepay.com -Mac mini
http://digitalcameras.freepay.com -Digital Camera
http://psps.freepay.com -PSP
http://ipodshuffles.freepay.com -iPod shuffle
http://xbox360s.freepay.com -Xbox 360
http://www.promo.glam.com -Ipod Nano
http://blingo.com - Various Prizes
http://freeipods.com - Ipods